Royal Academy of Management

The Royal Academy of Management has completed the first phase of ‘National Collaborative Programme for Executive Leadership Development for the Public and Private Sectors’. The programme aims to develop a comprehensive community of leaders in the public and private sectors.

It focuses on enhancing the efficiency of the two sectors by providing participants with the latest knowledge in leadership, economics, innovation and applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The design and implementation of the programme is being done in partnership with Oxford University’s Said Business School – one of the most prominent academic institutions in preparing and developing leaders globally.

In the first phase of the programme, 40 participants took part in a unique experience of building joint working groups and expertise over a two-week period in the United Kingdom.

The participants had an opportunity to explore experiences of various concepts of the new economy and its competitive features.



The programme, which included field visits to government institutions and private enterprises in the United Kingdom, also touched on common practices in the fields of partnership between the private and public sectors, innovation, digital transformation and ways of localising these practices.

Dr Ali bin Qassim al Lawati, director of Royal Academy of Management, said, “This programme reflects focus on four main pillars – leadership, sustainability, innovation and partnership. It establishes a new stage for the future of business in Oman by building empowered executive leaders capable of achieving Oman Vision 2040.”

He added that it will also help keep pace with real market needs and new technology paths, noting that the programme is in line with the sultanate’s national priorities in developing Omani leaders in the two sectors and investing in human capital.

On her part, Prof Sue Dopson, acting dean of Said Business School, said, “We are pleased to be part of the Royal Academy of Management’s vision to build executive leaders in the public and private sectors who will work to achieve Oman Vision 2040, of being a country with economic competitiveness and inclusive sustainable development.”

The Royal Academy of Management was established by a Royal Decree in January 2022.