Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Royal Academy of Management?

The Royal Academy of Management was inaugurated by Royal Decree No. 2/2022 (issued on January 11, 2022), and blessed by the honorary patronage of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.
The Academy’s specialisations centre on preparing and developing the Omani cadre in the public and private sectors in line with the new economy. The Academy aims to raise the managerial efficiency of employees of both sectors by providing them with knowledge, skills and a modern managerial outlook through its centres, programmes and initiatives. It employs modern learning tools and methods, in collaboration with world class institutions and local partnerships, to provide the public and private sectors with driven leaders and qualified competencies to contribute to fulfilling the goals and opportunities of Oman Vision 2040.

What programmes does the Academy offer?

Guided by the lofty directives on leadership and management priorities contained within Oman’s future vision, the Academy offers a set of development, specialised and academic programmes and initiatives through four Centres of Excellence, aimed at current and future managerial leaders in the public and private sectors. The specialisations of the four centres and their programmes are as follows:

  • The Centre for Government, which includes the following programmes:
  1. The Undersecretaries Programme
  2. The Directors General Programme
  3. The Directors Programme
  4. Future Leaders Programme for Government
  5. Masters of Applied Leadership and Management
  • The Centre for Leadership in Business, which includes the following programmes:
  1. The National Collaborative Leadership Programme
  2. The National CEO Programme
  3. The Future Leaders Programme for Private Sector
  4. Board Chairs Programme
  • The Centre for Local Governance, which includes the following programmes:
  1. The Governors Programme
  2. The Walis Programme
  3. The Directors General Programme for Local Governance
  • The Centre for Future Studies

Which focuses on studying trends, transformations and plans of the future, identifying emerging opportunities in various promising vital fields and sectors, and providing a knowledge structure that supports the Academy’s programmes and initiatives.

Who can benefit from the Academy's initiatives and programmes?

The Academy’s programmes and initiatives target national leaders in the public and private sectors, at all levels of management. Each of the Academy centres offers a package of programmes and initiatives dedicated to specific groups.

Please view the Academy centres for the current set of programmes by clicking here

What are the registration requirements?

The requirements to join the Academy’s programmes vary for each programme, according to its nature, target group, objectives, duration etc. The registration criteria for each programme can be viewed once it is announced.

How are candidates chosen?

Application to Academy programmes is available through three main methods:

  1. Nomination, by a unit or institution.
  2. Weighting, by a unit or institution nominating a group of potential leaders and then selecting the most qualified among them according to the criteria and conditions of the candidate programme.
  3. Opening the door to competition within the target group according to announced conditions and criteria.
Do the Academy’s programmes require absence from work?

It depends on the requirements of each programme. Where the programme requires a partial or full absence, the Academy will clarify the details in an official letter in coordination with the participant’s employer.

Where can I find the launch dates of the programmes?

You can find out the launch dates of the programmes and initiatives offered by the Academy’s centres through the website, or by following the Academy’s social media pages on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Are there fees to enrol in the Academy's programmes?

The Academy offers all programmes and initiatives to participants free of charge.

Can non-Omanis enrol in the Academy’s programmes?

The Academy targets national competencies at this stage to achieve its main objective of developing current Omani managerial leaders and preparing potential leaders in the public and private sectors.

If the applicant is not selected in one of the Academy’s programmes, can they apply again?

Applicants can join various other programmes within the selection offered by the four Centres of Excellence in a situation where they were not selected for the academic programme to which they applied.

Which languages are the programmes offered in?

The Academy’s programmes are offered in both Arabic and English, according to the requirements of each programme.

Can an applicant join more than one programme at the same time?

In order to achieve maximum benefit from each programme, an applicant cannot participate in more than one programme at a time.

Can I enrol and study in the Academy's programmes remotely?

The enrolment and learning method is determined according to the requirements and conditions of each programme. Whether it is possible to enrol and learn in programmes remotely, in-person, or in hybrid format, will be announced at the launch of each programme.

Do graduates of the Academy's programmes receive accredited certificates?

All Academy programmes are designed according to high international standards with modern and innovative learning methods. Graduates obtain certificates according to the programme in which they are registered.

How will the Royal Academy of Management add value to the participants’ careers?

The Academy’s initiatives and programmes are delivered to a high standard, in collaboration with international institutions specialised in leadership and management, and with local partnerships. They constitute added value for beneficiaries and their career path by empowering them with modern management methods, developing leadership and management skills and knowledge, and providing them with innovative practices to stimulate a culture of efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Will graduating from the Academy’s programmes help participants to obtain leadership positions?

The Academy’s programmes contribute to preparing future leaders in line with today’s needs and future aspirations by raising the level of competence, and by giving graduates a competitive advantage that qualifies them to compete for leadership roles and senior positions in the public and private sectors.